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22 Oct 2014 – Decade of discovery: doubling carbon-based solar cell efficiency
To mark our 10th anniversary, we’re looking at key scientific discoveries of the last decade. This week, we’re driving the search for organic solar cells through The Clean Energy Project in partnership with Harvard University. So far, we’ve helped researchers identify over 35,000 compounds with the potential to double carbon-based solar cell efficiency. With your help, we can explore thousands more.   
  Tags: Event or Milestone

29 Aug 2014 – The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 work unit issues - Resolved
Due to validation issues, The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 work units are not currently being sent out. Beta tests to fix the issue are underway. -Resolved Aug 29, 2014  
  Tags: Technical Issue

05 Jun 2014 – Clean Energy Project update
The team at Harvard provides an update which includes details of how a recent team member addition is changing the way they determine which new molecules to investigate; their ongoing collaborations with other research teams to accelerate their results and calculate electrical conductivity of targeted materials; and upcoming paper publications.  
  Tags: Project Update

06 May 2014 – Temporary pause of the Clean Energy Project (Updated)
The researchers at Harvard are relocating their servers which requires a temporary pause on any new Clean Energy Project tasks being sent out. Distribution of new tasks will resume automatically once server migration work is complete.  
  Tags: Technical Issue

03 Jan 2014 – Four catalysts that could revolutionize 2014
An article published in USA Today mentioning World Community Grid and The Clean Energy Project as potential game changers in 2014.  
  Tags: Media

05 Dec 2013 – The Clean Engery Project Update
Project updates from the World Community Grid forums   
  Tags: Project Update

08 Nov 2013 – Big data approach to solar cells
An article published by Chemistry World about the Harvard Clean Energy Project database.  
  Tags: Media

04 Nov 2013 – Paper published about the database of results from The Clean Energy Project
A paper about the database created using the results from The Clean Energy Project was published online in the proceedings of the journal "Energy & Environmental Science" from the Royal Society of Chemistry on October 25, 2013.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper

26 Aug 2013 – The Clean Energy Project earns the Computerworld 2013 Data+ Editors Choice Award
  Tags: Award , Media

15 Jul 2013 – Volunteers Help Scientists in Search for Cheap Solar Cells
An article published on Voice of America about The Clean Energy Project's published database of 2.3 million organic compounds.   
  Tags: Media , Video

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