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20 Mar 2018 – Drug Search for Leishmaniasis Project Continues Quest for Better Treatments
The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis researchers recently conducted lab testing on 10 compounds. The testing showed that none of the compounds were good potential treatments, and the researchers will turn their attention to additional compounds.   
  Tags: Project Update

01 Aug 2017 – Potential New Treatments for Leishmaniasis Tested in Lab
The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis team has begun lab testing potential treatments for this serious—yet neglected—tropical disease. In this update, Dr. Carlos Muskus discusses the results of topical (on the skin) testing of four compounds.  
  Tags: Project Update

14 Nov 2016 – Drug Search for Leishmaniasis Researchers Make Data Publicly Available
The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis research team has created an online database of the highest-scoring results from their research on World Community Grid. This database will help accelerate the work of other scientists who are conducting similar research.  
  Tags: Project Update

08 Sep 2016 – Researchers Publish Findings on Potential New Treatments for Leishmaniasis
The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis team recently published their findings in the Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design. Using World Community Grid's computing power, they have identified several drug compounds which may lead to improved treatments for this neglected and sometimes deadly disease.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper

08 Mar 2016 – Researchers Identify Key Proteins in the Fight Against Leishmaniasis
In this project update, Dr. Carlos Muskus outlines the discovery of three important proteins which may help find better treatments for a neglected disease that strikes millions of people every year.  
  Tags: Project Update

12 Jul 2015 – Exceptional early results in the fight against Leishmaniasis
The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis team has completed in vitro lab testing of the 10 top-rated compounds identified during screening, and have found that 4 of those 10 have very interesting properties that could point the way to new therapies. The post-processing of results continues, with the hope of identifying even more promising compounds for future lab and in vivo testing.  
  Tags: Project Update

28 Nov 2014 – Finding new solutions for a neglected tropical disease
Team leader Dr. Carlos Muskus provided this extensive update on the progress of the Drug Search for Leishmaniasis project.  
  Tags: Project Update

15 Apr 2014 – Drug Search for Leishmaniasis project update
A project update from the Drug Search for Leishmaniasis scientists, describing the analysis of the data generated by World Community Grid volunteers.  
  Tags: Project Update

18 Oct 2013 – End of the Drug Search for Leishmaniasis Phase 1
A big thank-you from the research team as the Drug Search for Leishmaniasis project analyzes the results from grid computations.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone , Project Update

07 Jun 2013 – Drug Search for Leishmaniasis project update
A poster, containing preliminary Drug Search for Leishmaniasis project results, presented at the WorldLeish5 Congress in Porto de Galinhas-Brasil in May 2013.  
  Tags: Project Update

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