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16 Jan 2013 – Paper published about the database of results from the Genome Comparison project
A paper about the ProteinWorldDB database, created with the results of the Genome Comparison project, was published in the proceedings of the 7th Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics, BSB 2012, Campo Grande, Brazil, August 15-17, 2012.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
19 Jan 2010 – Fiocruz researchers publish paper for Genome Comparison project in Bioinformatics
The researchers from Fiocruz have published a paper for their database about the results of the Genome Comparison project. This project included the comparative analysis of the genomes of more than 300 organisms. This database is now available for use by researchers throughout the world.   
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
02 Aug 2007 – Genome Comparison project update
Project updates from the Fiocruz website  
  Tags: Project Update
12 Jul 2007 – End of the Genome Comparison Project
Thanks to our members for their generous contribution to the Genome Comparison project which is very near completion.   
  Tags: Event or Milestone
16 Nov 2006 – Launch of Fiocruz Genome Comparison Project
This project will perform a pairwise comparison between all predicted proteins in complete genomes available in the public DNA databases. When scientists study a new protein, they look for similar, better-understood proteins as a guide to their function. This in combination with other information will help annotate these genomes leading to faster and better understanding of cellular function and infectious agent relationships.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone

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