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Research: Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy: Research Participants
Research Participants

The Molecular Docking Project, led by Dr. Alessandra Carbone from the "Pierre et Marie Curie" University in Paris, is associated with specialized teams implicated in grid computing (Jean-Marie Chesnaux from CNRS: French National Center for Scientific Research), molecular modeling (Richard Lavery from CNRS), and genetic analysis of myopathies (Pascale Guicheney from INSERM, French Public Health Research Institute).

Computational biology: Dr. Alessandra Carbone team, Analytical Genomics, Analytical Genomics, INSERM Laboratory U511, Faculty of Medicine, "Pierre et Marie Curie" University, Paris.

Grid computing: Jean-Marie Chesneaux team , Informatic Laboratory of Paris 6 (LIP6), CNRS Laboratory UMR 7606, "Pierre et Marie Curie" University, Paris.

Myopathies: Pascale Guicheney team, INSERM Laboratory U582, Myology Institut, "Pitié-Salpetrière" Hospital, Paris.

Molecular modelling: Richard Lavery team, Laboratory of theoretical biochemistry, CNRS Laboratory UPR9080, "Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique", Paris.