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Software Features

Software Features

Most computers aren't using all their computing power at a given time. Even when you are sending emails, working on a spreadsheet, creating graphics, surfing the web, you may only be employing a fraction of your machine's available computing power. World Community Grid provides a small, secure software application for individuals to download to their machine that can save this wasted power and put it to use. This is called grid technology and World Community Grid uses United Devices Grid MP platform, the leading solution for secure enterprise grid deployments, for use on Windows computers, and the BOINC client software for use on Linux computers.

To Participate:

1) Check to ensure you have at least the minimum recommended system requirements.
2) Read the download agreement.
3) Download the software set-up file to your computer.
4) If you've downloaded the Windows version of the software, simply "double-click" on the 'WorldCommunityGridAgent.exe' file (in the location where you chose to save it) to begin the installation. If you've downloaded the version of the software for Linux, read these instructions for installing the agent.
5) If you run into any difficulties, please refer to the
HELP section of the website.

That's all there is to it. The software will detect when you are online, will download a task, and will begin working on it using your PC's idle resources, even while you continue to use your computer for your usual activities. And, unless you choose to view the task graphic via the screen saver during the setup prompts, you won't even know the software is there. If the screen saver is running, you can see the progress of a task and review the computational activity of your computer.

You continue to have full control over the software while it is on your computer, including the software's activity and schedule.
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