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11 May 2015 – The hard work of making discoveries useful
Even as World Community Grid computations continue, the team behind the Clean Energy Project is busy improving their database structure, making their results more accessible to the wider scientific community, and authoring papers to disseminate the methodology behind the project. Also, look out for their new project website coming soon!  
  Tags: Project Update

05 May 2015 – Firmware Upgrade: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 14:00:00 UTC [ Completed ]
A firmware upgrade will be performed on Tuesday, May 5th. [ Completed ]  
  Tags: Technical Issue

05 May 2015 – A milestone and a roadmap: progress in the fight against Ebola
Thanks to the huge level of support from World Community Grid, the team at the Scripps Research Institute has already received most of the matching data for the first target protein of the Ebola virus. While this data is being analyzed, the search now moves to another related protein with potential to help the fight against hemorrhagic fevers.  
  Tags: Project Update

04 May 2015 – Research task availability resumes following unexpected outage
Starting on May 3rd, no work units were distributed across all World Community Grid projects due to technical issues which have now been resolved.   
  Tags: Technical Issue

25 Apr 2015 – System Updates: Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 01:00:00 UTC [ Completed ]
System updates will be performed Sunday, April 26th. [ Completed ]  
  Tags: Technical Issue

22 Apr 2015 – Turning virtual results into real-world treatments for schistosoma
The research team has combed through the grid computing results of Say No to Schistosoma, using several additional analytical techniques to help them select promising compounds. The three most promising substances are undergoing additional testing with the hope of identifying the most effective potential treatments for schistosomiasis.  
  Tags: Project Update

14 Apr 2015 – The past and the potential of World Community Grid: A Q&A with senior team members
World Community Grid senior scientist Viktors Berstis and technical lead Keith Uplinger participated in a Question & Answer session with one of the winners of the Decade of Discovery recruitment competition held last November.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

30 Mar 2015 – Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together: an update and an exciting discovery
Dr. Stan Watowich gives an update on what has been progressing with the Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together project - including some exciting discoveries!  
  Tags: Project Update

09 Mar 2015 – Top distributed computing projects still hard at work fighting the world's worst health issues
An article on ITWorld.com about the Outsmart Ebola Together project on World Community Grid.   
  Tags: Media

26 Feb 2015 – Seven quadrillion comparisons later, Uncovering Genome Mysteries is just getting started
The Uncovering Genome Mysteries research team has started analyzing results from their massive ongoing project, which is comparing proteins between diverse organisms from around the world. Better understanding of similarities between proteomes should help scientists develop sustainable technologies, renewable materials, productive crops, and new treatments for stubborn diseases.  
  Tags: Project Update

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