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Submit a Proposal

Submit a Proposal

World Community Grid invites public and not-for-profit organizations to apply to use its powerful grid technology at no cost for projects that benefit humanity. Grid technology enables researchers to access tremendous amounts of power, exceeding that of several supercomputers, to run complex computations and to accelerate the pace of their research. Research results must be made available to the global research community and will be made available on World Community Grid's web site.

Research We Support
World Community Grid supports research that is:
  • Focused on solving problems to benefit humanity;
  • Conducted by public or nonprofit organizations;
  • Contributed to the public domain; and
  • Accelerated by grid computing technology.
Research projects that benefit from grid technology are those that perform computations that require millions of computer processing units (CPUs) and that can be divided into smaller independent computations.

Examples of potential fields of study include:
  • New and existing infectious disease research - development of treatments for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), etc.
  • Genomics and disease - functions of proteins that are coded by human genes and how they might relate to cures for common diseases
  • Environmental research - meteorology and severe weather warning, pollution, remediation, climate modeling, and others
  • Natural disasters and hunger - earthquake warning, information on improving crop yields and livestock production, and evaluation of the supply of critical natural resources such as water

How to Submit a Proposal
For more information, including the proposal process, technical requirements, and selection criteria, please review our Request For Proposals (pdf).

PDF icon- World Community Grid RFP Process(250 kb)

To submit a project for consideration, please download and complete the RFP Proposal Application (doc) and return to rfp@worldcommunitygrid.org.

MS Word icon- RFP Proposal Application (215 kb)

If you would like to discuss your research with a member of our project team, please Contact Us.

World Community Grid accepts proposal applications for research projects on a rolling basis, and considers proposals at least quarterly, according to the following schedule.

    Review cycle
  1st Quarter 2014 2nd Quarter 2014 3rd Quarter 2014 4th Quarter 2014 1st Quarter 2015
  Submit Proposal Application By: 2014/03/30 2014/06/29 2014/09/29 2014/12/30 2015/03/30
  Receive Notification of Approval By: 2014/09/29 2014/12/30 2015/03/30 2015/06/29 2015/09/29

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