Recent fixes to website

We have addressed several defects and issues with the new website design that you brought to our attention. Thanks for your feedback!

We launched our newly designed website two weeks ago to provide a better volunteering experience for both new and existing members. Overall, the response has been very positive. However, our members also told us about the following defects and formatting problems, which we have now addressed:
  • In the Forums, wide signatures were distorting the display of the conversation thread. Wide images in member signatures will now be scaled to fit and multiple images will wrap onto multiple lines if they exceed the column width.
  • As you navigate between Forums and the rest of the site, we corrected the display of your login status.
  • On the Download page, we updated the list of currently supported operating systems and corrected a broken link within the Windows installation instructions.
  • On the Result Status page, we addresed several formatting issues.
  • We fixed a navigation issue within the Device Manager section.
  • We corrected popup windows on several pages which were using the old website design.
As with any big changes, there are bound to be issues in the initial rollout, and our member feedback is absolutely essential to making the experience better for everyone. Thanks for your feedback and keep up the good work!

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