Doubling down: new website and software features

As we move toward our second decade of supporting humanitarian research, we're excited to introduce a more approachable and welcoming World Community Grid, as well as a new software application available for upgrade.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of World Community Grid, we've already welcomed over 15,000 new members so far this year. Together we've achieved some great results, but we want to make sure that our community and the underlying technology are well-positioned to support the next 10 years of accelerating scientific research.

That's why we've just rolled out two significant changes:
  • New messaging and program design to make World Community Grid more welcoming

    Last year, many of our members told us that they have trouble explaining World Community Grid to family and friends, and that it's not always clear what scientific impact comes from their donated computing time. So we've changed the website to tell our story in a more approachable way, with a cleaner design and updated, less technical explanations. The new home page focuses on showcasing our research and offers a new video, as well as updated About Us and How it Works sections. Overall, we hope that these changes will help more people to join World Community Grid, and create a more welcoming experience for our new members.

  • Updated software - now Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) compatible!

    This release also offers the ability to receive our latest news directly within your application and other new features. Upgrade your application today to try them out.

These changes are a follow-up to the communication customization features we released last month, and we will continue to bring you changes to further improve your volunteer experience.

10 years is a great milestone, but it's just the start of what the World Community Grid community can achieve. We want to make sure the next decade will bring more announcements like the recent discovery of more efficient organic solar cell materials and the breakthrough on childhood cancer. With your help, we can do it!

We look forward to expanding the community and contributing to even more vital research in the months and years ahead. Download the new software application today, check out our new website, and stay tuned for more!

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