Updates to World Community Grid Policies and Options for Data Protection

We have updated our Online Privacy Statement and Terms of Use, and are introducing new features to give World Community Grid volunteers more control over their data.

We collect data to help us serve and communicate with volunteers, and keeping this information safe has always been very important to us. The World Community Grid team has been hard at work developing new processes and features that give volunteers more control over their personal data, such as username, email address, and other information they choose to share with us. These changes comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation mandated by the European Union, and give new data protection options to all volunteers around the world.

A few of the major changes are listed below. You can read our updated Online Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for more details.

  • Because data are collected primarily to help us communicate and engage with volunteers, we will remove data once it no longer serves this purpose. Therefore, we will delete any accounts that have not interacted with World Community Grid for 36 months. Interaction can include logging in to the World Community Grid website, returning a research task, and/or when your device(s) communicate with our servers (e.g., to request a research task). We will notify anyone who has subscribed to our emails and whose account is slated for deletion well ahead of time so that they can keep their account active if they wish.
  • Volunteers can choose to display or hide their personal data.  If you choose to display your data, your username and contribution statistics will be shown on our leader boards, your badges and country (if specified) will be shown in our forums, and your user and device information will be included in any data export files. Your username will continue to be displayed in the forums.
  • Volunteers will now have an automated process for permanently deleting their account and all their data from our systems.

The changes go into effect as of May 25, 2018. Thanks to all volunteers for your continued support and participation.