We've updated our Terms of Use and Online Privacy Statement

As part of our ongoing transition to the Krembil Research Institute, we've updated our Terms of Use and Online Privacy Statement to reflect the move to a new organization.


Since World Community Grid was created in 2004, we've collected data to help us serve and communicate with volunteers. Keeping this information safe has always been very important to us. We are not changing these principles: we remain committed to data security and privacy.

As part of our move to the Krembil Research Institute, our Online Privacy Statement and Terms of Use have been updated to:

  • Include the name and contact information of our new host organization
  • Reflect that our legal host is located in Ontario, Canada (previously, we were in the United States)

Please note that we are still adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation mandated by the European Union, and we still offer the same information protection options to all volunteers as we did previously. 

Thanks to everyone for your continued participation and support for humanitarian scientific research.

Questions? Please visit the forum and check out the Transition Questions and Answers thread.