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21 Apr 2023 – SCC work units for FLI-1 and MyoD1 targets
The new SCC work units focus on new drug targets for EWS-FLI-1.  
  Tags: Project Update
17 Apr 2023 – The Dylan Bucci Grid Computing Club at Sisler Cyber Academy
Sisler High School’s Cyber Academy (Winnipeg, MB) has expanded their partnership with World Community Grid by starting a computing club to honor one of their late classmates. They have spread WCG awareness to their local community as they believe learning about grid computing at school has many positive effects.  
  Tags: Media
13 Apr 2023 – World Community Grid complete restart
World Community Grid finished the alpha testing, and is restarting on April 13.  
  Tags: Website Update
06 Apr 2023 – New team member and research projects at SCC
The SCC team shared news about the next phase of their research and introduced a new team member who will help with computational modeling for developing new cancer-treating drugs.  
  Tags: Project Update
03 Apr 2023 – BOINC System Restart
The storage failure recovery process has been completed and we have resumed computation on the new storage system.  
  Tags: Website Update
22 Mar 2023 – SCC Project starts a new phase in their quest for curing childhood cancers
The SCC project has entered the next phase of the research and new workunits have been prepared for the BOINC restart.  
  Tags: Project Update
20 Mar 2023 – Research update from the MCM team (March 2023)
The MCM team’s research into lung cancer biomarkers has identified 26 genes that are present with top scores across all the signature sizes considered. This update focuses on VAMP1, a gene linked to patient survival and differentially expressed in normal lung compared to lung cancer.  
  Tags: Project Update
15 Mar 2023 – Research update from the ARP team (March 2023)
A short update from the ARP team, including details about the changes they are making to their storage system.  
  Tags: Project Update
14 Mar 2023 – Hardware Recovery Update
The website has been restarted and we are working on rebuilding the science database so BOINC can restart soon.  
  Tags: Technical Issue
09 Feb 2023 – February 2023 OpenZika Project Update
The OpenZika team has published a new research paper outlining the progress they have made after their partnership with WCG  
  Tags: Project Update

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