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06 Dec 2016 – Meet a World Community Grid Team Member: Keith Uplinger
World Community Grid's technical lead not only relishes tackling all sorts of difficult challenges, he enjoys helping others do so as well. Meet Keith Uplinger in this article.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

01 Dec 2016 – FightAIDS@Home Team Re-Opens Phase 1
We are happy to announce that we are re-opening Phase 1 of the Fight AIDS@Home project. In collaboration with World Community Grid, and thanks to their affiliated volunteers around the globe, High Throughput Virtual Screening will be performed by targeting the HIV-1 capsid protein with the goal of discovering new chemical compounds to defeat the AIDS virus (HIV). Read more in this update.  
  Tags: Project Update

14 Nov 2016 – Drug Search for Leishmaniasis Researchers Make Data Publicly Available
The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis research team has created an online database of the highest-scoring results from their research on World Community Grid. This database will help accelerate the work of other scientists who are conducting similar research.  
  Tags: Project Update

03 Nov 2016 – OpenZika Researchers Choosing and Testing Potential Antivirals
The OpenZika researchers are ready to begin laboratory testing for five chemical compounds which may lead to potential treatments. In this update, the research team discusses why the search for an anti-Zika drug is so important, describes the process of choosing which drug compounds to test, and summarizes the work they and IBM have done (so far) to publicize this study.  
  Tags: Project Update

17 Oct 2016 – Mapping Cancer Markers Begins Analyzing Lung and Ovarian Cancer Data
The Mapping Cancer Markers researchers are analyzing the results of the lung cancer research tasks run on World Community Grid, as well as the first sets of ovarian cancer data. This update gives a detailed look at the tools and processes they are using for this analysis, plus a list of their recent publications and events in their lab.  
  Tags: Project Update

15 Oct 2016 – White House Event Inspires Renewed Call for Climate Change Projects
More than 20,000 people were nominated to attend South by South Lawn, a White House event designed to bring together a creative, entrepreneurial group to discuss some of the world's biggest issues. World Community Grid manager Juan Hindo was one of the few who was picked to attend the event. In this article, she discusses how South by South Lawn has inspired World Community Grid to re-issue our public call for a climate change research project.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone

12 Oct 2016 – New Collaborations and Continued Progress for the Clean Energy Project
In this update, the Harvard research team describes new research tasks, new collaborations that will build upon their search for more efficient solar cells, and a recent award.  
  Tags: Project Update

06 Oct 2016 – World Community Grid Wins Impact Award
The outstanding work of researchers and the generosity of World Community Grid volunteers has been recognized once again! We are pleased to announce that we recently received a D&AD Impact Award, which recognizes companies that use the power of creativity to stimulate positive change.  
  Tags: Award

03 Oct 2016 – Experienced Team Administrator Explains Why He Supports World Community Grid
Olivier is a longtime volunteer from France who helps run the highly successful Crunchers Sans Frontieres team. In this own words, he explains what attracted him to World Community Grid.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

30 Sep 2016 – FightAIDS@Home Team Expands Techniques, Refines Phase 1 Results, and Collaborates on a New Study
The FightAIDS@Home team is working with the World Community Grid technical team to create a new sampling protocol, which will more closely predict the binding strengths of potential drugs to their HIV protein targets as determined in real-life experiments. Read about this work, and other news, in this extensive update.  
  Tags: Project Update

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