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12 Jan 2018 – Planned Maintenance on Monday, January 15 (Completed)
We are updating the database on our servers on Monday, January 15, beginning at 20:15 UTC.  
  Tags: Technical Issue

04 Jan 2018 – Planned Maintenance on Saturday, January 6 (Completed)
We are updating the operating system on our servers on Saturday, January 6, beginning at 2:00 UTC.  
  Tags: Technical Issue

14 Dec 2017 – Sustainable Water Data Available to Interested Scientists
Dr. Gerry Learmonth, the principal investigator for the Computing for Sustainable Water project, gives an update on the primary findings of the project as well as how other scientists can access the data.  
  Tags: Project Update

06 Dec 2017 – Planned Maintenance on Saturday, December 9 (Completed)
We are upgrading the software on multiple parts of the system on Saturday, December 9, beginning at 2:00 UTC.   
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

30 Nov 2017 – New Facility and Expanded Plans for the Mapping Cancer Markers Research Team
The Mapping Cancer Markers researchers recently moved to a new institute, but continues analyzing results, planning for expanded research, and creating new work units throughout the transition. Learn about their plans in this article.  
  Tags: Project Update

24 Nov 2017 – Analysis Underway on 30 Terabytes of Data from the Uncovering Genome Mysteries Project
The Uncovering Genome Mysteries data (all 30 terabytes) was transferred to the research teams in Brazil and Australia this year. Now, the researchers are analyzing this vast amount of data, and looking for ways to make it easy for other scientists and the public to understand.  
  Tags: Project Update

31 Oct 2017 – The Whats and Whys of Basic Research
What is basic research and how is it applicable to the work done on World Community Grid? In this article, we'll address some of the fundamental questions about basic research, which is the foundation of scientific discovery.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

23 Oct 2017 – Planned Maintenance on Wednesday, October 25 (Completed)
We are upgrading the software version of our clustered file system on Wednesday, October 25, beginning at 12:00 UTC.  
  Tags: Technical Issue

18 Oct 2017 – Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together Takes a New Approach to Data Analysis
In this update, Dr. Stan Watowich, principal investigator for the Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together project, explains how the research team is shifting their approach to data analysis. The research team has also released their best-scoring results in order to help other scientists conducting similar studies.   
  Tags: Project Update

10 Oct 2017 – Planned Maintenance on Thursday, October 12 (Completed)
We are conducting maintenance on our file system on Thursday, October 12 at 13:00 UTC.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

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