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64-bit Application Announcement
17 Mar 2011   


World Community Grid announces the release of 64-bit applications.

World Community Grid currently provides research applications designed to run on computers with 32-bit processors and 32-bit operating systems. Over the past few years, most new computers have 64-bit processors, and an increasing number of them are running a 64-bit operating system. These newer computers run the 32-bit applications properly, however, the computer can not leverage the advantages of 64-bit technology for the 32-bit applications (some advantages of 64-bit technology are described below).

As a result, World Community Grid plans to deploy 64-bit technology for our research applications. Our plan is to deploy 64-bit applications for all active research project which still have a lot of work to run before they finish. In addition, we plan to launch all new research projects to operate in 32-bit and 64-bit.

As we deploy 64-bit applications, we will list them below and we will also update the Systems Requirements FAQ (see note 5 in the System Requirements).
  • Computing for Clean Water - Windows, Linux & Mac-Intel platforms only.
If you are on version 6.10 of the BOINC client, or higher, then there is no action that you need to take. The client will automatically select the best version for your computer. To upgrade to version 6.10 of the BOINC client, please review this News & Update article

One of the advantages of 64-bit processors is the usage of more general purpose registers than 32-bit processors. This helps the processor to fetch data from the cache, or main memory, in tight loops. Also, 64-bit applications allow the usage of libraries designed for 64-bit operating systems instead of emulation mode.

Members interested in more details about the benefits of 64-bit technology will be able to find additional information on the internet.

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