No Task Executing

I registered my agent successfully but it is not running any task.

One possibility is that your device does not meet the minimum resources required for any of our projects. You may check our system requirements here.

If your device does meet our minimum system requirements, please review the Network Connections and Settings FAQs. If this doesn’t apply, please post in our BOINC Support Forum, as a member may be able to quickly assist you with your problem.

Why is no task executing after I complete a work unit?

It is normal for the software to spend a couple of minutes preparing to send data to the server. During this time, it is running some final calculations and formatting the results for transmission. If you still do not have a task after more than five minutes, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • If the software is unable to detect network connectivity, the software will continue to retry until it is able to send results.
  • If we are experiencing very heavy traffic on our servers, you may see delays in the distribution of new work.