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03 Nov 2014 – Decade of discovery: New precision tools to diagnose and treat cancer
It's week four of our 10th anniversary celebrations, and we're following up last week's childhood cancer feature by spotlighting another cancer project that's helped researchers develop powerful new tools to diagnose cancer and tailor treatments to individual patients, using big data and analytics.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone , Project Update
23 May 2011 – Help Defeat Cancer publishes paper in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
In this paper, the design and implementation of ImageMiner, a software platform for performing comparative analysis of expression patterns in imaged microscopy specimens such as tissue microarrays (TMAs), is described.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
24 Sep 2010 – Help Defeat Cancer publishes paper
In this paper, the authors describe the implementation of a Grid-enabled analysis component for quantitative investigation of tissue microarrays and present empirical performance results.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
01 Jul 2009 – Help Defeat Cancer publishes a paper in IEEE Xplore
This paper reports the results of analyzed data returned from World Community Grid, along with retrospective patient clinical profiles.   
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
01 May 2009 – Help Defeat Cancer publishs a paper in IEEE Xplore
In this paper, the authors report the development of a Web-based system, PathMiner, for interactive telemedicine, intelligent archiving, and automated decision support in pathology.   
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
02 Sep 2008 – Help Defeat Cancer publishes an article in The Prostate
In this paper, the authors discuss Autophagy, a starvation induced cellular process of self-digestion that allows cells to degrade cytoplasmic contents.   
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
01 Apr 2008 – Help Defeat Cancer Project Status Updates
Help Defeat Cancer Project Status Updates  
  Tags: Project Update
29 May 2007 – End of the Help Defeat Cancer Project
I would like to restate my gratitude to all of those individuals throughout the World Community Grid who contributed computer cycles to the “Help Defeat Cancer” project.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone , Project Update
18 Sep 2006 – Audio interview with Dr. David Foran of the Help Defeat Cancer project
News and Media A conversation with Dr. David Foran, professor and lead researcher, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, about the role that World Community Grid plays in expediting cancer research.  
  Tags: Media
19 Jul 2006 – Launch of Help Defeat Cancer Project
The main objective of this project is to utilize advanced imaging and pattern recognition algorithms to determine the spectral and spatial signatures of breast, head, and neck cancers during the course of disease progression.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone

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