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23 Feb 2021 – January/February Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
Lab testing has begun for several drug candidates that may target proteins that play a role in certain childhood cancers.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

15 Dec 2020 – December Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
The project is temporarily paused, and lab testing will soon begin on compounds that may affect two of the targets that have already been run on World Community Grid.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

19 Nov 2020 – November Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
Work units for the latest childhood cancer target are nearly completed, and the project will pause while the researchers determine their next area of focus.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

29 Oct 2020 – October Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
The research team continues to analyze the results of the work previously run on World Community Grid while creating new work units for this recently resumed project.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

16 Oct 2020 – Smash Childhood Cancer Resumes with New Target and New Team Member
The Smash Childhood Cancer project has resumed work on World Community Grid to explore a gene that is involved in the development of many sarcomas. We also welcome Dr. Joanna Gell to the research team.  
  Tags: Project Update

25 Sep 2020 – September Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
After a successful beta test earlier this month, Smash Childhood Cancer has resumed work on World Community Grid.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

24 Aug 2020 – August Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
The Smash Childhood Cancer researchers have given the World Community Grid tech team new work units for testing, and the researchers are also continuing analysis on the simulation results they've already received.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

27 Jul 2020 – Behind the Scenes with World Community Grid's Active Projects
Interested in learning more about our monthly calls with the researchers for each active World Community Grid project? You can get updates on our website, in our forum, and via email.   
  Tags: Behind the Scenes , Project Update , Research Call Notes

09 Mar 2020 – Smash Childhood Cancer Team Announces New Principal Investigator and New Project Targets
The Smash Childhood Cancer researchers are pleased to announce that Dr. Godfrey Chan, a founding member of the team, will be the new Principal Investigator for the project. The project is re-starting with two new targets to investigate in the continuing search for better childhood cancer treatments.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes , Project Update

05 Dec 2018 – Smash Childhood Cancer Welcomes New Collaborator
The Smash Childhood Cancer team recently welcomed a new US-based researcher. Several of the researchers also met in person for the first time to discuss the project.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes , Project Update

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