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Member Policy
As of July 18, 2016, this Privacy Statement is no longer effective. The new version of our Privacy Policy is available here.


The World Community Grid Member Policy

World Community Grid Members have placed great trust in us to allow our project applications to run on their systems, and this is a trust we return and foster. We treat our members with the highest level of personal respect: we don't open members up to security risks, unwanted spam, or invasion of privacy. Here is our policy:

Privacy & security
World Community Grid assures Members that applications will not damage their systems or invade their privacy in any way. Our agent runs unobtrusively in the computing background and is not invasive. It cannot detect or change any other files or material on Members machines. It can only update project-specific data in its own files.

World Community Grid Members will always be told what projects they are running. They also will have access to Web pages outlining which organizations are providing the project applications and explaining those projects. Members always have the option of opting out of a project.

Members will be able to control how much of their system resources are used by World Community Grid and will be given user preference options on a wide range of factors, including:

1) Whether the program runs as a screensaver or an application
2) When computation and communication can be done
3) Whether connections should be made automatically
4) Which proxies and firewall settings to use

To protect Member privacy, Members are asked to create a username when they install the World Community Grid Software. This username is maintained in the Member profile and used to identify each member on the World Community Grid web site and on any scoreboards.

There are security risks in every application downloaded from the Internet, period. However, we take security very seriously at World Community Grid. We have a comprehensive system of technology and policies to protect you, your computer, and the data running on it. The measures that we use include, but are not limited to, virus scanning all of our build environments, digitally signing information sent to the World Community Grid Agent, encryption both of locally stored files and files sent to the World Community Grid Agent, and biometric access control to the World Community Grid servers. We do everything we can to keep both the World Community Grid Agent and our server systems as secure as possible.

Tracking technology
We use standard tracking technology on our Web site, commonly known as "cookies," to help us deliver a customized experience to Members. Our Web site will save a small temporary file on your computer only while you are visiting our site; it will be removed when you exit the World Community Grid Web site. Our primary use for cookies is to help us determine which service and support information is appropriate to a Member's machine. Our use of this technology does not mean that we automatically know any information about individual members - we do not.

In order to run our projects, World Community Grid software automatically detects certain basic information from a Member's machine; this includes info about the Member's processor speed, and set preferences regarding disk space, memory and times to run the projects on the machine. Members will have access to the information about the properties that are measured by the World Community Grid Software and for what purpose this information will be used.

World Community Grid may provide aggregate member information such as average computing power and geographic dispersion to partners or customers. The information will be released in aggregate form only and, no personally identifiable information will ever be released. Neither World Community Grid nor our customers can access any other information on a Member computer or identify anything else for which a Member uses his or her computer.

The World Community Grid provides members with a Contact Us feature. For problem resolution, this method of communications is used by members only after FAQs and Forums have been reviewed. This method of Communication also allows for certain information requests.

The World Community Grid web site provides members with a feature to send an e-mail message to a friend, telling them about World Community Grid. The recipients e-mail address is only used for sending the e-mail and is not stored.

About this member policy
This privacy statement applies only to the World Community Grid. World Community Grid contains links to other websites which have their own privacy statements. On other websites, please review their privacy statements before submitting any information.

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