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03 Oct 2017 – Open Zika Researchers Continue Calculations, Share the Wealth, and Spread the Word
The OpenZika researchers are continuing to screen millions of chemical compounds as they look for potential treatments for the Zika virus. In this update, they report on the second stage of the project, using a newly prepared, massive library of 30.2 million compounds that are being screened against the Zika virus proteins. They also continue to spread the word about the project.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper

29 Sep 2017 – A Volunteer in France on Why He Joined World Community Grid
Meet Gil Rivet, a volunteer from France who is an administrator for the Crunchers Sans Frontieres team. Here's his story in his own words.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

26 Sep 2017 – The Road Ahead for Help Fight Childhood Cancer
The Help Fight Childhood Cancer researchers discuss how they’re moving forward with data analysis and continuing their search for pharmaceutical partners.  
  Tags: Project Update

22 Sep 2017 – Plans for Future Development Discussed at BOINC Workshop 2017
A group of BOINC developers, project managers, researchers, and volunteers recently participated in a workshop where they exchanged information and ideas that will help set the direction for the future development of the BOINC open source project.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes , Event or Milestone

23 Aug 2017 – The Bacteria Inside Us: Gaining a New Understanding of Human Disease
What if you could help researchers learn more about how the bacteria in and on our bodies play a role in diseases such as Type 1 diabetes? We're proud to announce our latest project, which will be the first of its kind, large-scale, comprehensive study of the human microbiome.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone

17 Aug 2017 – Help Stop TB Uncovers New Data on Mycolic Acids
The Help Stop TB project is turning out to be the most comprehensive study of mycolic acids ever undertaken, which will be of enormous value to all researchers who are interested in how these molecules protect bacteria. In this update, the researchers describe mycolic acid folds that have never been detailed before, and explain how they plan to continue their exploration of this new territory as the project continues.  
  Tags: Project Update

01 Aug 2017 – Potential New Treatments for Leishmaniasis Tested in Lab
The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis team has begun lab testing potential treatments for this serious—yet neglected—tropical disease. In this update, Dr. Carlos Muskus discusses the results of topical (on the skin) testing of four compounds.  
  Tags: Project Update

25 Jul 2017 – New Lab at Tsinghua University Created to Work on Computing for Clean Water Project Findings
Dr. Ming Ma, one of the original members of the Computing for Clean Water research team, has created his own lab at Tsinghua University. Dr. Ma and his team continue to analyze the data generated by the project. Learn more about their current work and plans for the future in this update.  
  Tags: Project Update

24 Jul 2017 – Planned Update to World Community Grid's Security Certificates
We will be updating our security certificates on Tuesday, July 25 at 19:00 UTC.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

17 Jul 2017 – Short Planned Outage for Tuesday, July 18
We will be performing some maintenance which will result in volunteers being temporarily unable to access the website or download new work at 14:00 UTC on Tuesday, July 18.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

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