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06 Oct 2015 – Finding new avenues to attack Ebola
Efforts to simulate matches between candidate compounds and one key Ebola virus protein are largely complete. Simulations of matches against another, newly discovered target protein are beginning now. Even as simulation work continues, the team is beginning to analyze these results and home in on compounds that could form the basis for effective new drugs against Ebola and other related diseases. Thanks to your help, and a new grant, the work is proceeding well.   
  Tags: Project Update

30 Sep 2015 – Pioneering new techniques in the fight against HIV
The team behind FightAIDS@Home is launching Phase 2 of the project, putting to use a more accurate simulation tool to help them determine which of the Phase 1 results merit further investigation. Phase 2 will also be applying this analysis technique at an unprecedented scale, which if proven successful, can benefit medical research not only for HIV but many other diseases as well.   
  Tags: Event or Milestone

18 Sep 2015 – System Updates: Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 03:00:00 UTC [ Completed ]
System updates will be performed Sunday, September 20th. [ Completed ]  
  Tags: Technical Issue

02 Sep 2015 – Summer is a great time to focus on solar energy
A busy summer has led to several advances in the Clean Energy Project: new team members, new database search functionality, new publications and (hopefully) new funding!   
  Tags: Project Update

28 Aug 2015 – Analyzing crystals to help fight cancer
Behind-the-scenes work continues on the Help Conquer Cancer project - the team is analyzing millions of protein crystallization images processed by World Community Grid volunteers, with the hope of finding patterns that will help researchers build better cancer screening tools.  
  Tags: Project Update

19 Aug 2015 –  One step closer to identifying lung cancer biomarkers
Although work continues, enough data has already been processed to let the Mapping Cancer Markers team begin identifying high-scoring signatures and associating them with particular lung cancer biomarkers. The ultimate goal is to find signatures that distinguish many types of cancer, giving physicians and researchers another tool to improve detection, treatment and patient outcomes.  
  Tags: Project Update

17 Aug 2015 – Help World Community Grid make it onstage at SXSW 2016
World Community Grid is competing for a chance to present at the SXSW Interactive 2016 conference and we need your help to get there! Vote today to help us tell this influential crowd how we’re using crowdsourced computing, donated by you, to take on critical humanitarian challenges, such as improving access to clean water.   
  Tags: Event or Milestone

08 Aug 2015 – Firmware upgrade: Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 01:00 UTC [ Completed ]
A firmware upgrade will be performed on Saturday, August 8th. [ Completed @ 0830 ]   
  Tags: Technical Issue

05 Aug 2015 – Open science: sharing our clean water breakthrough data with all scientists
The Computing for Clean Water team is pleased to announce that the breakthrough paper we published online last month on the use of nanotechnology for more efficient water filtration will be available in the August print edition of Nature Nanotechnology. With our results published, we're now making the underlying data available to other interested scientists and discussing the attention our work has gotten, both from international experts in the field and from the world media.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper

16 Jul 2015 – Unlocking new potential for improving access to clean water
An exciting video about the recent Computing for Clean Water breakthrough.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone , Project Update , Video

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