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11 Aug 2021 – August Update: Africa Rainfall Project
The pace of the project has increased in recent weeks thanks to volunteers who are processing more work units.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
29 Jul 2021 – July Update: OpenPandemics - COVID-19
The research team continues their data analysis, and lab testing is ongoing for potential COVID-19 treatments.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
27 Jul 2021 – July Update: Mapping Cancer Markers
Looking for a project to support? Mapping Cancer Markers has a large amount of work to be done to help fight a devastating collection of diseases.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
22 Jul 2021 – July Update: Help Stop TB
The researchers are getting ready to analyze their data using new methods.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
20 Jul 2021 – July Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
The researchers continue to do lab testing based on data from their most recent work on World Community Grid.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
15 Jul 2021 – July Update: Africa Rainfall Project
If you are currently donating computing power to this project, you can make a simple change to your settings to help speed up the progress.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
13 Jul 2021 – July Update: Microbiome Immunity Project
As we announced last month, the Microbiome Immunity Project's time on World Community Grid is ending, but their data analysis is in full swing. This will be the final monthly update for this project.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
08 Jul 2021 – Approximately 300 million small molecules run for OpenPandemics - COVID-19 as part of system test
The recent stress test run on World Community Grid allowed the researchers to quickly run simulations for 300 million small molecules.  
  Tags: Project Update
01 Jul 2021 – Meet the newest member of the Help Stop TB research team
The researchers recently welcomed a new team member who will be designing machine-learning approaches.  
  Tags: Project Update
24 Jun 2021 – June Update: OpenPandemics - COVID-19
The researchers are beginning to analyze the enormous amount of data generated during last month's stress test, when 30,000 batches of work were run in eight days.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

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