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27 Oct 2020 – October Update: Mapping Cancer Markers
We completed a successful beta test for new sarcoma work units in October.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
22 Oct 2020 – October Update: OpenPandemics - COVID-19
The researchers recently submitted two papers for review, and are looking ahead to lab testing for potential treatments.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
20 Oct 2020 – October Update: Help Stop TB
TB was the leading cause of death from a single infectious agent in 2019. This project is studying the bacterium that causes TB to help shed light on the search for better treatments.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
16 Oct 2020 – Smash Childhood Cancer Resumes with New Target and New Team Member
The Smash Childhood Cancer project has resumed work on World Community Grid to explore a gene that is involved in the development of many sarcomas. We also welcome Dr. Joanna Gell to the research team.  
  Tags: Project Update
14 Oct 2020 – October Update: FightAIDS@Home
The last results from the latest round of work on Phase 2 have been sent to the research team.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
13 Oct 2020 – Planned Maintenance on Thursday, October 15, 2020 (Completed)
We are updating the operating system on our servers on Thursday, October 15 beginning at 15:00 UTC.  
  Tags: Technical Issue
08 Oct 2020 – October Update: Microbiome Immunity Project
The researchers are awaiting news about a paper they submitted to a scientific journal, and working on a potential new type of work unit.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
06 Oct 2020 – October Update: Africa Rainfall Project
The research team is creating rainfall models based on data received from World Community Grid.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
29 Sep 2020 – A young man’s passion for cancer informatics lives on
Ian Lawson Van Toch, an intern at the Jurisica Lab, tragically passed away in 2007 during his first year of graduate school. His memory is honored by Ian’s Fund, which helps young scientists launch their careers in cancer informatics.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes
25 Sep 2020 – September Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
After a successful beta test earlier this month, Smash Childhood Cancer has resumed work on World Community Grid.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes

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